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I Had Pneumonia!

I’m not sure how I ended up with pneumonia for my winter break, but let’s just say I didn’t ask for it. I had become a bit more lax recently with covid safety, since as of yet (and as far as I know) I haven’t gotten it.

So when I started coughing, had a slight fever and a headache, I thought “uh oh, it finally caught up with me”. I had stockpiled home covid tests, so I tested daily for 5 days while my symptoms continued, negative each time. Then Christmas eve morning I woke up, felt like I had been hit by a truck, and coughed out a big hunk of green phlegm.

You don’t need to be a licensed and registered respiratory therapist to know that you have a lung infection, but you do need to be a bit of a magician to land an urgent care appointment on the day before Christmas! At the 4th facility I tried, I was finally able to be seen, swabbed for every possible virus,  prescribed antibiotics and sent on my way…only after the Physician’s Assistant heard crackles in my right lung.

That day I didn’t feel too terrible, and thought I had avoided the worst of it. But the coughing and fatigue settled in, and I felt and sounded like most of my patients and clients. Thankfully my young adult daughter was scheduled for a visit, and instead of all the exciting plans we had made, she played nurse and I accepted the help gratefully. 

I’m recovered now after about 5 weeks, and back to being a bit more cautious-masking around indoor crowds, washing my hands more frequently, canceling plans if someone has the sniffles or a new cough. I don’t like it, but it’s much more preferable than a new lung infection!

How has your winter been? Have you been able to avoid all the bugs out there? Are you slacking on your self-care and exercise? I’m hoping that my story is a good reminder to keep up all your good habits-you are worth it. 

See you next month. 


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